Friday, 9 February 2018

Sue Reeve's Prep Work for On The Edge Of..... A new exhibition at the Williamson

A mooring pole on the edge of the sea wrapped with fabric with some leaves/moss/seaweed. Let’s see what the tides and elements leave on the fabric.
The result could be shown at Textile 21’s next exhibition at the Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead this summer. The exhibition is called ‘On the edge of .......’
Watch this space to see how the cloth develops.

One week exposed to the elements and some marks are beginning to show on the outside of the fabric. It’s been very dry this week so no rain to wet the top of the pole, but high tides meant the bottom was receiving a twice daily dip. This cloth could be used as part of Textile 21’s next exhibition at the Williamson art gallery during the summer. More updates next week.

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